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Greenery is what we like both outside and inside our homes. Most of the time, the exigencies of urban life do not let us have a say in greenery outside our home boundaries. Nevertheless, greenery inside our own little spaces depends on our own initiative. 

This encourages us, the so-called privileged urban beings to go for home gardening. However, most of the time our planting efforts go all in vain, as not many of the green plants survive our indoor environment. This may be either due to the negligence on our part or due to the lack of knowledge on how to maintain a particular indoor plant. 

The fast-paced city life makes it difficult to give attention to the minute details associated with indoor plantation like temperature requirement, moisture consideration, type of soil mix, chemical treatment, sunlight exposure, and many such other technicalities. All these complexities tend to discourage us from adding the green element to our home decor.

If you too have encountered the same problem in trying home or indoor gardening, you can choose the other option of adding the green color to your home. This is to say that you can buy artificial plants online.  This the best alternative, if you often forget watering your indoor plants or do not get time to change the pot, and in the end kill the very plant. If you buy artificial plants online you can be saved from this embarrassment of explaining to your friends and neighbors, why your plants died. And without a doubt, artificial plants will be no less than natural ones in adding the pleasing green effect to your home.

To help you figure out which are the best places to buy artificial plants online, we have come up with this informative piece of write-up.

So, let’s dig-in right away!

Buy Artificial Plants Online: Top 6 Places 


1. 1stHome

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If you are looking for an online platform that gives you all exclusive access to artificial plants and related products, 1stHome is your place to go. They give you a diverse range of products which include artificial plants, artificial palm plants, indoor vertical gardens, artificial flower sticks, creepers, wall decor flowers and much more. Besides such an astonishing variety of artificial plant products, what you get on 1st home is the most competitive price without any compromise on quality. They get you artificial plant products at such low prices, as they are the manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and traders, all at the same time. Plus the multiple payment options to make purchases online gives you the convenience of making purchases from any part of the globe and any time of the day.


Buy the best quality artificial plants from 1stHome, today!


2. World Market

You can give wings to your creativity with a range of artificial plant products on the World Market. They have a huge selection of faux succulents, flowers, stems, and branches which can add the greenery of live plants sans the maintenance. In addition to these, the World Markets eCommerce portal gives you the option to choose faux potted trees too. These artificial miniature trees give your living space a fresh lease of life with its optimum but lively foliage. No matter which season it is, these faux trees will continue adding the green element year-round.


When you buy artificial plants online through World Market’s platform, you can be assured of the competitive prices and quality of the delivered product. Besides this, if you want to save big, you can also take advantage of offers like member-exclusive holiday passes, free pick up in-store and free shipping on orders above $75, among others.

Buy amazing artificial plants on  World Market, now!

3. Amazon

Amazon, the eCommerce giant has established its name among customers for its quality services and prompt customer support. The same is the case for the customers who want to buy artificial plants online. Amazon gives you the widest selection of artificial plants and related category products. This includes artificial plants, flowers, grasses, wreaths, artificial shrubs & topiary and even artificial fruits, vegetable, and decorative items.

Get a range of quality artificial plants from Amazon, today!

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4. West Elm

Whenever we buy artificial plants online, the most common issue seems to be that we either get cheap-looking plants looking out of place in our homes or we get realistic faux plants at too high a cost that we cannot afford to buy. West Elem is the online site to look out for the most real looking faux plants. You get the option to choose from product categories like potted plants, single branches & stems, bouquets or bundles of artificial flowers and even wreaths. You can even take advantage of the special discounts including 15% off on first purchase and many more.

Get appealing faux plants on West Elm, today!

5. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a growing online home decor retail site with remarkable popularity among millennials. It has a relatively small selection of artificial plant products but the quality and the reviews on their delivery services suggest, it is a must-try. Especially, the faux fern and figs are outstandingly real.

Get, Urban Outfitters quality artificial plants, today!


6. Wayfair

Wayfair is one of the best home decor online site to buy a variety of products from. It gives a large number of options to choose from in the artificial plant category too. You can get exactly what you want to add to your home decor by selecting the plant category, location, plant species, overall height of the faux plant and the placement for the same. You can confidently place your purchase order as most of Wayfair products are reviewed by a good number of customers.


Get pleasing artificial plants from Wayfair, today!

These are some of the best known online platforms to buy artificial plants. We are sure that some of these online sites may be known to you or others you might not have heard of. We have tried making our list comprehensive by including some of the lesser-known but promising sites too.  So make full use of this list and get going with your artificial plant purchases. 

With artificial plants now you have no excuse of not adding the green element to your living space. These will help you get the feeling of being close to nature while being at home. Well, we agree with the fact that there can be no best replacement for natural plants but not everyone can maintain them with full dexterity. So, do not hold back and try introducing artificial plants to your home too!

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