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Artificial Plants vs Real Plants | The Best Choice For Office Decor? 

Although the importance of adding plants to the working environments is spreading all around the world, still the question remains that which out of real and artificial plants should one choose? So, let’s check out what’s better – adding an artificial plant or real plant?

When creating an office space it has been realized that adding a little green to that space brings loads of benefits such as it tends to boost the mood and increase productivity. 

Now, the question is whether artificial plant brings the same effect? 

We here are going to answer that question. 

Which is the right choice for your office? Artificial Plants or Real Plant?

Undoubtedly, there is no comparison to the benefits of real plants, but when it comes to indoor decorations of an office, it becomes a little challenging to maintain these plants. 

Besides, there are many advantages to using an artificial plant instead of real ones. 

Advantages of Using Artificial Plants

There are many advantages to adding an artificial plant to office decor. For the starters, the main benefit of choosing artificial flowers & plants over the real ones is the “No Maintenance” norm. Unlike real plants, artificial greenery doesn’t ask for daily maintenance hence, reducing the cost. 

Along with this, there is no tension of placing them as they don’t need sunlight. Because of this, these artificial flowers & plants can add color to the corners where the real plants can’t live. 

Interesting right? 

In addition to all this, the times of tacky artificial flowers & plants have gone out. In fact today one can easily find the artificial plants that look beautiful and real. In addition to this, these plants can actually be really eye-catching. 

Another benefit of these artificial flowers & plants and flowers is that unlike the threat of allergies posed by real plants, these plants are quite healthy. As these artificial yet real looking plants have no pollens, there is no chance of catching hay fever. 

Besides all these advantages, one cannot hope for the same health benefits that a real plant has to offer. But then again, in an office adding artificial green plants is still a great idea.

Disadvantages of Adding An Artificial Plant To Your Office Decor

In the above section, we have clearly mentioned the benefits of artificial flowers & plants, here, we are now going to discuss a few disadvantages of them. 

Unlike real plants, these artificial ones miss out on several advantages that real plant has to offer. Real plants along with adding the tint of green in the office also offer many psychological benefits

In fact, it is scientifically proven that adding real plants in the office can increase productivity by approx. 15% by helping in oxidizing the room and reducing the dust by 20%. 

Still, when it comes to making a choice between artificial and real plants for office, we would recommend going for an artificial plant. 

In fact, it would be brilliant to go with a mixture of both real and artificial flowers & plants. This way you can get benefits from both. 

Be smart and add in the combination of fresh real plants wherever you can while going for the artificial flowers & plants to add the color in the places where real plants can’t live. 

This way you can reduce the cost while making the office space look more alive and inspiring for the staff. 

Green is the color of prosperity, bring a little green to your office today. Order now from the best collection of artificial flowers & plants. 

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