Best Artificial Trees You Must Add To Your Home Decor!

We all like the idea of having elements of nature around the room. The right houseplants in my bedroom to filter out the air? Please yes. But if you don’t have a green thumb, it doesn’t matter what kind of knowledge you have about the best houseplants indoors, because they’re going to be dead. And even if you’re not a natural-born plant killer, if things get hectic around the house (so frankly, when aren’t they hectic?), you could find yourself losing water, testing dirt, and moving things around to avoid/attract sunlight. Once again, you’ll have dead trees around, to avoid this to happen artificial trees is the best option.

Yes, at some drought-resistant plants, you might try your hand, but you might also notice that you can destroy those. It may be time to consider artificial plants to prevent off-shooting your crop. The artificial trees look so good that your friends and family would want to water them. And with all the money you save not having to take care of your tropical plants, you are going to have more time to enjoy them now.

Artificial trees come in different sizes, from trees tiny enough to fit into more giant trees on your desk that can take up a whole section of your living room. The amount of space you have for a fake tree will determine the type of artificial trees which you choose to integrate into your home design. Artificial trees are flexible as they can fit into narrow spaces of different sizes.

Artificial trees can be grouped in a single room to create an artificial woodland or merely a small area in your home with a considerable amount of greenery. If you have a large living room, then clustering artificial trees will help you fill up with natural and functional elements in your home décor. Silk trees have realistic leaves and flowers which can suit your home’s fabric and other furniture to bring your home design together.

Artificial trees require less maintenance; however, you must continue to look after your artificial tree to lengthen its life and maintain the quality. They are free from dirt, dust, and other debris. Using water and a brush, you can quickly scrub your artificial tree to hold it shiny for a long time.

Types of Artificial Trees

Here is a list of different types of artificial trees: 

1. Ficus silk tree

The Palace Style Focus Tree commands real attention and is more significant and more substantial than an ordinary focus tree. Standing six feet tall and growing on several solid, winding trunks with thousands of broad luxuriant leaves, this tree makes a dramatic design statement in any home or office.

2. Red capesenia tree

Vickerman Company, a pioneer in high-quality holiday decor and daily collections, is pleased to manufacture this item. The Vickerman Company was founded in 1940 and has developed itself as an innovative company committed to meeting its customer expectations.

3. Silk tree | Artificial Trees

Our Focus tree is eternally lush and dark green with 1008 individual leaves on several robust limbs, unlike the actual Focus tree (which is finicky and nearly leafless in almost any home light conditions). It is around six feet in height. Also, this incredible Focus reproduction would look beautiful in a photo window, home entrance, or even in the office.

4. Palm tree

All brands NEW BRAND! Neat and stylish and safe and free from danger! The stated delivery fee refers only to the customers within the 48 continental U.S. states. Regarding shipment orders to other states or countries, please first contact us for quote delivery. Scale can differ slightly, depending on how you design it.

5. Sago palm

An extremely detailed product, the Nearly Natural Sago Palm (around $59) has a practical nature and comes in a rustic woven basket already “planted.” Hang it in your home office or dining area, and all year round, you’ll look like its summertime.

6. Fiddle leaf fig, Best Artificial Trees

For improved authenticity, the lush Nearly Natural Fiddle Leaf Fig (around $106) has several stalks. It’s six feet tall but not too big, so you can place it in your home with courage without thinking about it disrupting the rest of your decor.

7. Garden hibiscus

You’ll love the Pure Garden Hibiscus (around $79) and its eye-catching red blossoms if you’re on the lookout for a flowering plant. Most of all, you’re not going to find yourself worrying about whether or not you’re taking proper care of it.

8. Tree company arborvitae

Put the inside out with the Arborvitae National Tree Company (around $63). It is offered in four sizes between 36 and 72 inches, so whether you stay in a spacious house or a small studio, you’re sure to find a fit for your home.

9. Garden hediyotis, Artificial Trees For Your Home

Topiary fans will love the Pure Garden Hedyotis (about $134), featuring three balls of UV-resistant leaves that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. If positioned in front of a frame, it is large and thick enough to add a touch of privacy to your house.

10. Natural ficus

The six-foot Nearly Natural Ficus (around $60) will have tourists asking where you’ve got such a beautiful piece of accent — if they can even tell it’s fake. It comes with a convenient bowl that blends in well with your favorite decoration jar.

11. Golden cane palm

For anyone who enjoys an exotic look, the Nearly Natural Golden Cane Palm (appx. $80) is a beautiful tropical choice. This one will look stunning in an office setting or the living room, and will not draw the insects which a real plant might have.

12. Lightshare maple

When you can’t get enough of fall’s soothing colors, then go for the Lightshare Maple (approx. $135), which comes with twinkling lights for enhanced excitement. The range is perfect for fall groups, looks pretty turned off during the day or lit up at night.

13. Bambusa bamboo Artificial Trees

The Nearly Natural Bambusa Bamboo’s delicate leaves (appx. $93) are made of silk, which gives them a particularly luxurious look. If your decor falls on the contemporary end of the spectrum, an excellent addition will be made.

Artificial trees are remarkably easy to look after, as there is no aspect to them alive. That means people like me with black thumbs need not take any additional precautions to prevent their premature death. But you don’t need a black thumb to justify using an artificial tree over the actual thing. Anyone with an exceptionally busy existence will enjoy the low level of maintenance these systems offer. Even if you think you’re going to be home for most of the year, but you also realize that you occasionally take a week or more vacation, you’re going to be happy that you don’t have to call a friend to water your tree every few days.

Another artificial tree benefit occurs when and where you decide to move or grow sick of the tree you’ve picked. When you’ve got a real vine, and there’s a step around the corner, trying to take it with you is a very messy prospect. A real tree will have sprouted roots, and some local wildlife might even become home. That makes it removed and transported to a new location, both hazardous to its current environment and dangerous to its future health. You don’t know for sure if it will take root in its original place, and after all the effort and cost, you might wind up with a dead tree on your side.

Of course, if you just get sick of a real tree, it will be just as challenging to get rid of it. You could do something as simple as dropping it off at your local Goodwill with artificial trees, though.

When you purchase artificial trees to further spruce up space in your classroom, at your home, or just outside the building, there are some additional ways you can take certain areas to the next stage.

For starters, your artificial trees won’t likely attract too much wildlife in outdoor environments. You might want to get your hands on the right birdbath and some high-quality feeders if you like to have birds and other features visit you outdoors.

Your artificial trees can be the first piece in a slow but steady transformation of the space into a spectacular artificial wilderness in your home or office. Consider adding a small water fountain, and a handful of smaller plants which will make the artificial tree look stunning as well as attractive.

Picking artificial trees for your space will have much to do with your sense of style. You may find that a particular look complements your space better than another, or that you are attracted by the specific color of a leaf or flower on a tree. There are also some superstitious links between tree species and such issues as wealth or loving luck. That kind of superstition, of course, is usually contained in the realm of living trees, but there is no such excuse, to not have any fun with it.

Get the best artificial trees for your home here.

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