Some interesting thing you should know about the artificial vertical garden

Now that your lawn is all year round gorgeous and lush, how about having fun with your walls too? And, maybe you don’t have time for green grass, so you’d instead use the area you have at your fingertips, which means you’re moving vertically. An artificial vertical garden would be the best choice.

When installing an artificial vertical garden made of artificial plants, grasses, and flowers, there are several pointers to consider:

Inquire about the materials involved in planting the plants you have selected. Were they tough? Can they withstand a lot of sun, dust, perhaps even some humidity-all this, of course, depends on where you are going to do your installation. For example, a high sunlit area can cause damage to your plants over a long period in terms of fading or changing color.

Look at the methods of implementation. Most definitely, you won’t be able to DIY the greenery option. But always find out how your installer intends to append the feature to your wall first. Can your wall hold the extra weight? That will also depend on the type of wall structure to which you want to attach your feature.

 Eventually, what about the policies, laws, or regulations in the office building or your area? Do you have permission to work on the side of your building, or at great heights? Have you considered all safety precautions? Also, all of this depends on where you mount the concrete garden wall.

Whether you are using Artificial Turf Direct or another supplier to do your installation, you should know what you need to do in advance.

Use our checklist as a way and means to do things properly so that there will be no unpleasant surprises later. It could even involve artificial vertical gardens sliding or rusting decorations or plants that are fragile from sun damage, plants dropping off the ground, etc. Good luck, and enjoy planning and decorating the wall!

Homeowners are always on the lookout for the next best. It is one of the reasons that we fell in love with home renovation shows such as The Block and House Rules. Nonetheless, what is possible in real life for a reality show may not be the same (we don’t all have a lot of time and limitless budgets!). And that’s one explanation that indoor artificial vertical garden took flight. It can take a lot of time, energy, and effort to create an artificial vertical garden with real plants. Right, therefore, is a trend. But where do you get started?

Tips for choosing the right artificial vertical garden

These are just a few of the questions that you will pose yourself before you purchase a green wall. You want to make sure, after all, that your garden is fit for purpose.

  •   Is the green wall built in a corner, or is it against an existing wall?
  •   What is the existing fence, wall, or space material?
  •   How big is the surface?
  •   Will the Visitors See the Wall?
  •   How are you going to install the Wall?
  •   Is the rampart above the ground? Or are they resurrected?
  •   Will you need to add other things, such as rocks or pebbles close to space?

Consider your design for the artificial vertical garden

Just like when you buy interior products such as cushions to fit a sofa, your green wall will have to suit your room. A common question that we ask consumers is, what colors or things are near to where the wall will be installed? The explanation for this is because, based on what’s around it, the wall may not contrast enough or match the room.

Artificial Vertical gardens come in many different designs. From a lush forest style to the more classic faux ivy look, you can choose. Whatever you determine, it’s essential not to forget about the other wall-side pieces.

Note, a fake green wall with more plants is not necessarily better than a fake hedge panel with no more artificial plant

Indoor or outdoor

Does your latest vertical garden stay indoors or out? You’ll want to be informed of your choices according to your decision.

It could lead the wall to fade or break from ultraviolet (UV) radiation if it is an inside plant and has exposure to the sun. With time, the artificial greenery you built and cherished would eventually become discolored. But the good news, with advancements and growing popularity for artificial plants and green walls, you can now purchase UV protection spray or UV tolerant plants. The liberal plant alternative is better for those who don’t want to keep the plant. As a protection spray, you usually require the treatment to be applied to the plant every six months or based on needs.

If the plant is outside, the chances of exposure to UV rays are higher, but also Australian weather conditions such as hot and cold temperatures, winds, or storms are more significant. Buying a green wall that will last all year round is essential. Consider the quality of the leaves, the materials used, and whether there is a snap and lock system in the vertical wall garden design to secure the panels in place.

The artificial Vertical garden concept took the world of design by storm. In an actual age, people crave the aesthetics and greenery atmosphere, even if they don’t have enough space for planters and pots. With vertical gardens, you can bring greenery to almost any space. Such landscapes, indoors or outside, will transform an undescribed environment into something stunning, imaginative, and cutting-edge. And when building an artificial green wall device, you don’t have to think about mosquitoes, inadequate rain, or destruction of your beloved plants if they’re drying out or suffering from illness. Your garden will always look just as beautiful as the day it was built.

Some Interesting Thing You Should Know About Artificial vertical garden

Not every place is comfortable to furnish. Some have complicated traffic patterns, some have odd lighting, and some are just too low for many architectural features to be added. Adding greenery is a simple yet effective way of dealing with these problematic areas.

Our vertical gardens often get constructed in areas that need a creative solution. It is perhaps a location that naturally does not lend itself to plant growth or maintenance. Maybe this is an area with poor lighting or cramped spacing. Whatever the explanation for this, artificial vertical garden systems will give added life and architectural value.

One can create artificial vertical gardens just about anywhere. You don’t need UV protection, so you don’t have to think about building them in areas that get too much sunshine or too little. Several may like to change the dynamics of illumination in a space by adding floodlights near-vertical gardens, which produces fun, eye-catching effects on lighting.

For living vertical gardens, developing and filling the plants typically takes several weeks or even months. Your vertical garden would meanwhile appear small and underdeveloped. You’ll be experiencing immediate, stable, lasting results with our artificial vertical garden systems. You will be able to see the results of your design work straight away

Moss wall options

If you really want to live plants but just don’t want to contend with all the relevant maintenance problems, consider installing a live moss wall.

Moss lives a life separate from that of most of his green family. It develops an average of just 1 mm to 3 mm per year, so no pruning or trimming is needed.

Our moose walls are made of a natural moss called Stellaris that is grown in the Scandinavian forests. We import it and create Green Walls no-maintenance panels. Such walls are fantastic and not only light space, but they also clean the air.

Some frequently asked questions regarding artificial vertical gardens.

Do the plants look real?

While you want to bring tourists ‘ interest to vertical gardens, you don’t want to gain the wrong kind of attention. For instance, if the plants in the garden are not biologically accurate, it may draw people to decide what types of strange plants it contains.

That’s not the sort of attention that you want. Therefore, it is essential to find out if the plants in an artificial garden scheme are the correct forms, shades, and proportions as they resemble the natural plants. When an artificial vertical garden resembles the genuine article, it provides for a beautiful space with a peaceful, refreshing backdrop.

Can it be customized?

Perhaps the room that you are looking to improve already has some unique character of its own. Customizing the artificial vertical garden offers you infinite options to create something unique that will enable you to achieve your design goals.

You can choose how many panels you need and then decide which plants and flowers will fill these panels best. If you like grass, evergreens, ferns, lavender, laurel leaves, ficus, or even tropical plants, the right mix to accentuate your wall will be found.

How much does it cost?

The artificial vertical garden structures not only never fail, but they also cost less than half as much as live vertical gardens. And this is only for the initial setup! Remember, an artificial vertical garden is maintenance-free. Occasionally, you’ll want to clean them, but they’re cleaned just like any other decoration that needs dusting from time to time.

In contrast, vertical living gardens require day-to-day maintenance. They have to be watered, trimmed, sprayed, and occasionally replanted. Thus ongoing maintenance costs are also linked to living vertical gardens. If your budget for this design element is limited, opt for an artificial vertical garden.

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